Bluehill Software Version History

Release Notes

Note that this page highlights only releases that have significant features included. You can see a summary of all the releases in the Release Notes section that can be accessed from the Windows Start button-->All Programs-->Instron-->Help-->Bluehill® 3 Release Notes.

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Bluehill 3.61

Released 8/15/2014

We are very excited to release a completely redesigned TestProfiler feature in Bluehill 3. This is a result of many years of developing unique solutions for a wide range of functional testing of devices and components that required unique loading patterns and orchestration with external sensors and actuators. I invite you to visit the product page and explore the powerful software capabilities for rapid test design and product development. Here is the feature brief document that you can find under the literature section of the product page.

Bluehill 3.51

Released 1/10/2014

Blog Post

Platform support

  • Bluehill 3 for static tests on 8800 and ElectroPuls systems. This is a huge development for lab managers waiting to standardize on Bluehill 3 and we are as excited as you are.
  • Use the familiar Bluehill 3 software and all the great features from TestCam video recording to TrendTracker data analysis for torsion tests on MT-Torsion systems.

Metals applications

  • New results for coefficient of correlation and standard deviation for the Modulus calculation to report the quality of material consistently
  • Automatic ramp (and control mode) change after determination of specimen modulus.
    • This is useful in metals tests that are performed using a combination of stress rate and extension rate control (eg.: ISO 6892 Method B) and the control mode needs to be switched from stress rate control to extension rate control towards the end of the elastic region. The basis of this switch-over point can now be based on the end of the modulus calculation region instead of an arbitrary or guess value of the stress value.
  • Ready to use specimen geometries to handle pipe sections and fasteners. Just pick the applicable geometry and enter the dimensions and leave things like cross sectional area to Bluehill to compute.

High temperature applications

  • Ability to set independent temperature control set-points to achieve uniform specimen heating in a three-zone furnace like SF-16. This is an extension of Eurotherm device integration using RS-232/485 done in release 3.31

Test Control

  • Support for negative rates for ramps in all test types. This allows for cross head direction reversal in test types other than TestProfiler, giving more flexibility in test setup.

Bluehill 3.41

Released 6/28/2013

New and Enhanced Calculations

  • User calculation with conditional logic
    • This opens up a wide range of calculation possibilities. Based on a user defined logical condition Bluehill can report different calculation results based on whether the condition is True or False. For example fracture toughness standards that involve the calculation of KIc require checking of validation criteria for acceptance of the test results.
  • New calculation for Fracture toughness critical point (5%/Max)
    • So far this calculation has been offered only in custom software packages for customers who requested it. Starting 3.41 this is available in the standard package.
  • New calculation for compliance corrected energy.
    • This is useful for standards like ASTM D5045 where the energy absorbed by the crack tip needs to be determined by subtracting the energy absorbed by the rest of the load string and frame from the total energy.
  • New Yield point calculation option to determine the end of linear elastic region.
  • New Yield point calculation option to determine EUL yield as referenced in ASTM E8
    • Till now this was done using a user defined calculation. Starting in 3.41 it will be available as a standard option under Yield calculation

Test Control

  • Ability to change the responsiveness of automatic specimen protect feature
  • End of test criteria option to specify absolute load drop value (in addition to % drop) from Peak value

Bluehill 3.31

Released 2/5/2013

New Product for Results Management

  • TrendTracker™ plugin for Bluehill automatically exports Bluehill results to the TrendTracker database at the end of the test
  • The Plugin includes a Batch Export feature that migrates years of existing Bluehill and 3 results into the database, making the data searchable overnight

Learn more about TrendTracker, our new software offering to manage test results.

Control and Data Acquisition

  • New 5900 Advanced Performance Option extending data rates upto 2.5 kHz and 0.5% load cell accuracy up to an industry leading 1/1000th of the load cell capacity
  • Automatic strain rate control that adapts to system compliance on the fly and simplifies the test setup workflow for standards like ISO 6892
  • Digital data acquisition from Instron environmental chambers and other Eurotherm temperature controllers using RS-232/485 connection. Learn more.

Improved Testing Workflow

  • New Control Chart graph type to visualize variation in a sample. Learn more.
  • New Average curve as a representative curve for a sample
  • Expression Builder support for automatically computing the cross sectional area of complex specimen geometries
  • More events provide automatic voice feedback for easier test operation

New test methods

  • Thirteen new methods in Composites Application Module!

Bluehill 3.22

Released 1/26/2012

  • Bluehill 3 for Multi Station systems
  • Improved closed loop control to achieve tighter tolerances on load, strain rate and extension control modes
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tool for 5900 series to enable precise diagnosis and faster troubleshooting
  • Increased range of bandwidth settings for optimized data capture
  • Six new preconfigured test methods for ASTM and ISO standards in the Composites Application Module
  • Help documentation available in Russian

Bluehill 3.11

Released 5/13/2011

  • Support for Windows® 7 64-bit
  • New Reverse soft key to reverse the crosshead motion
  • Temperature units include Kelvin and Fahrenheit
  • Support for automatic extensometers MFX, M300 and M500
  • Access measurements to build expressions
  • Option for a fourth ramp for metals testing

Bluehill 3.0 Series


Released 10/12/2010

  • Pause and Resume soft keys for greater control with manual operation


Released 10/1/2010

  • Offered with 3300 frames
  • Supported on a Windows 7 32-bit operating system
  • Supported on frames with clutches


Released 6/15/2010