Explore the Advantages of ElectroPuls

Hidden technologies designed to improve your tests

Cable Management

ElectroPuls has a unique cable management system engineered to maintain cable integrity and provide a clean look. Cable management, just one more indication of the level of detail unique to the ElectroPuls design!

In-Line Optical Encoder for Noise-Free Digitial Control

ElectroPuls uses on-axis optical encoder for precision extension control, as well as LVDT for setup and coarse position control.

Horizontal or Vertical to Suit Your Test

An optional mounting kit can be supplied for the E1000 test instrument to allow it to be mounted in a horizontal orientation. Useful for when testing in saline baths and using overhead observation systems.

Innovative Linear Motor Technology for Clean Conditions

At the heart of EletroPuls systems is advanced linear motor technology that provides extensive test capability without the use of hydraulic oil.

High Lateral Stiffness Maintains Alignment

Testing components or asymmetrical specimens can generate off-axis and lateral loads that lead to uncertainty in results. ElectroPuls features a unique actuator bearing system taht maintains load string alignment.

Dynacell - Improved Accuracy and Faster Testing

Instron's patented dynamic load cell, Dynacell can reduce inertial errors caused by grips and fixtures. This improves accuracy of load data over the entire frequency range and allows you to run at higher frequencies within ASTM and ISO tolerances.

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Need to test in a saline bath? ElectroPuls uses materials in the table with a high resistance to corrosion in the event of spillage or unavoidable drips.

Designed from the ground up for static and dynamic testing

Non-Contacting Strain Measurement Prevents Specimen Damage

Instron's Video Extensometer accessories can provide micron-level strain measurement without specimen contact. Ideal for static applications requiring high throughput or those with contact-sensitive materials.

State of the Art Software to Suit Your Static Applications

Bluehill 2 sets the standard for power and simplicity for tensile, compressive, flexural, peel, tear and friction testing.

Long Stroke for a Wide Range of Tests

60 mm (2.36 in) of test extension covers a wide range of static and dynamic tests without running out of stroke.

Speed Range to Simulate Real Life Conditions

ElectroPuls has a speed range more than 100 times greater than that of a conventional screw-driven machine.

A Fatigue Toolkit That Delivers Flexibility

The FastTrack suite of software simplifies setup and running of dynamic tests with user settable features including data collection, waveform generation and block programming.

T-Slot Table: Test Almost Anything!

The corrosion-resistant T-slot table has the flexibility to accept a wide range of grips, fixtures, accessories and components.

Features and interfaces designed to put you in control

A Software Interface Designed to Put You in Control

ElectroPuls systems feature an intuitive software interface that provides instant access to critical control features and machine status and allows users to get tests running in seconds.

We've Taken the Hassle Out of Tuning

Whether you are new to testing or already familiar with dynamic testing instruments, tuning is essential for system optimization. Using proprietary algorithms, Instron's Console software allows you to automatically establish tuning parameters based purely on specimen stiffness. Fast, simple and effective.

System Status Indicator

Imagine, a system designed for fatigue testing that's so quiet you can't hear it running. This added detail to ElectroPuls provides immediate indication of load frame status.

Adjustable Test Space Without Additional Hassle

TWIST the lever clamp, PUSH the button to move the crosshead to the desired position, and then twist the levers to LOCK the crosshead. No tools to lose, costly pneumatic air supplies to run or time consuming training required. It's that simple.

Safety First: Control at Your Fingertips

Critical switches and controls for emergency stop, power and crosshead adjustment are rigidly mounted for ease of access. The commonly used actuator jog and grip controls are located on the removable handset and allows users to adjust the actuator position precisely and rapidly, without repeat visits to the system workstation.

Tool Holder

Another minor but typically overlooked consideration provided with every ElectroPuls system.