2713 Self Tightening Roller Grips

The self-tightening grips are primarily designed for the precision testing of elastomeric and other flexible materials exhibiting a large reduction in cross-section area under load. They provide excellent testing accuracy, positive non-slip gripping action and are quick and simple-to-use. The upper grip is counter balanced so that the specimen can be aligned with the load cell to eliminate non-axial forces.

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  • 9/22/2017
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CEAST SmartRHEO Series: Capillary Rheometer Systems

Thermoplastic materials are processed as fluids under the effect of temperature and pressure. The ability of plastics to be formed into a wide variety of shapes, by the common plastics conversion processes, has a fundamental importance in polymer science and application. The innovative Instron® line of CEAST SmartRHEO Series of Capillary Rheometer systems are designed for an accurate investigation of the rheological properties of polymeric materials.

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  • 9/22/2014
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Composite Test Fixture Flexural and Interlaminar Shear

Interlaminar shear testing is a simple test on, easy to prepare, polymer composite specimens that gives a measure of the strength of the bond between fibers and matrix. Another common test for polymer composites is flexure testing. The Instron® Modular Flexural and Interlaminar Shear Strength (ILSS) bend fixture system, with a range of interchangeable anvils, is suitable for testing to a number of international standards, including ASTM D2344, D790, EN 2562, EN 2563, ISO 14125, and ISO 14130.

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  • 9/2/2014
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Instron GmbH ISO Certification

Instron GmbH has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

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  • 9/18/2017
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Hydraulic Power Units 3520 POD

Hydraulic Power Units 3520

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  • 9/17/2020
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5900 Series Productivity Panel

Operating a 5900 Series testing system is easier and quicker than ever before. By utilizing the many capabilities of the Productivity Panel, users can perform every test function without relying on a mouse--install a specimen and begin testing without ever stepping away from the machine; customize the soft key buttons to initiate a variety of commands; and configure the panel to display real time results throughout the test.

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  • 9/16/2010
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Dental Implants ISO 14801

ISO 14801 “Dentistry – Implants – Dynamic fatigue test for endosseous dental implants” specifies the procedure for fatigue testing dental implants. Dental implants are designed by various manufacturers and are of different geometries and sizes depending on where they are placed within the mouth. ISO 14801 aims to establish a benchmark for in vitro testing of implants to compare different implant designs and geometries. It does not begin to replicate the complex conditions implants are subjected to when implanted within the oral cavity. Instron®’s latest design of the dental implant system is a turnkey solution to meet all of the requirements for ISO 14801 and is ideally suited for use with the ElectroPuls™ E1000 or E3000 test instruments.

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  • 9/15/2017
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Protect your Instron® Investment with a Genuine Retrofit

Understand what the true benefits and advantages are of updgrading your existing Instron system with a 5900 EXTEND upgrade.

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  • 9/15/2011
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Instron ISO 9001 certificate

The management system of Instron, 825 University Ave, Norwood, MA 01062, United States, has been issued and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. For the Following activities: Design, development, manufacture and order fullfillment carried out in the Norwood CoE on instruments, systems, and associated accessories used worldwide to determine the physical properties and characteristics of materials, Administration of Sales & Service operations in the US and Canada.

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  • 9/14/2020
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September 2011 - TechNotes

This issue of TechNotes includes an article on the Importance of Testing in an Ever-Changing World. It also contains a Technical Tip on the Importance of Accurate Alignment and a question with answer "Q. In these days of increased awareness of the environment, why does Instron still use “standby” modes on your systems?".

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  • 9/14/2011
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