Productivity Panel

By utilizing the many capabilities of the 5900 productivity panel, users can perform every test function without relying on a mouse: install a specimen and begin testing without ever stepping away from the machine; customize the soft key buttons to initiate a variety of commands; and configure the panel to display real time results throughout the test. These are just a few of the key features that make testing with the new 5900 system the easiest and quickest method available in materials testing.

Panel Capabilities

4 User-Defined Live Displays

  • Constantly monitor vital measurements during pretest adjustments as well as throughout the test
  • Display real-time results throughout the test

Specimen Protect

  • Prevent overloading of specimens, fixtures, and load cells during crosshead adjustment
  • Easy-to-use feature that is ideal for loading and unloading delicate or expensive specimens

Quick Start/Stop Buttons

  • Enjoy total control over testing with quick start and stop buttons
  • Users will have the ability to load a specimen and start a test without the use of a mouse

4 User-defined ‘Soft Key’ Buttons

  • The operator can initiate a variety of commands, allowing for customization of the panel while minimizing the numbers of buttons on the panel.

Crosshead Jog with Fine Position

  • Easily maneuver the frame crosshead with speed and precision
  • The Fine Positioning wheel on the Instron Productivity Panel moves the crosshead in very small increments, allowing operators to load specimens without the risk of overloading them