HV Series

HDT and Vicat Testers

HV Series Family The design of the HV Systems and Bluehill® HV Software is based on the full understanding of customers needs for both an enhanced user-experience and outstanding productivity, making materials testing SIMPLER, SMARTER, SAFER.

Fast and Effortless Workflow

Comfortable Handling of the Testing Stations
The smooth lifting mechanism of the stations,combined with the ergonomic position of the handle, allows the user of the HV3S to raise and lower the stations safely and easily.

Intuitive Weight Application
The intuitive design of weights eliminates the risk of selection mistakes. The weights are stackable and enable the user to handle them with confidence. A wide range of stress values can be achieved without the need for any additional tools.

Touch Screen Interface
The user-friendly touch screen has a simple and clean look and allows for operation without a computer. The workflow is intuitive and offers a seamless interaction with the system for a quick test setup and data export. The pre-formatted templates enable test run in a few simple touches.

Effortless Workflows
The optional Bluehill HV Software enhances the ease of use. The user can run tests, edit methods, analyze results or configure the system with a few clicks. The simplicity of the software allows the user to run tests with minimal effort increasing the laboratory efficiency and throughput.

Integrated Innovations for Efficient Tests

Oil degradation control
The system constantly monitors the oil, alerts when the bath level is out of range and reports when oil degradation, that could adversely affect test results, has occurred. This feature helps reduce the risk of running invalid test and increases productivity.

Efficient Cooling
The HV Series is designed for superior cooling efficiency, rapidly returning the oil to the starting temperature after a test run. This allows the user to begin the next test with minimal wait time and reduces water consumption costs.

Advanced Electronic Technology
The advanced electronics on the HV Series automatically zero the position of the LVDT measuring sensors before starting a test, reducing test time and human errors.

Small Footprint
The HV Series compact design helps maximize valuable laboratory space resulting in enhanced testing efficiency.

Superior Results and Repeatability
Factory trained engineers provide comprehensive verifications, checking the dimensions of critical components and temperature behavior, to assure results are accurate and repeatable.

Safety Without Sacrificing Throughput

Protection of the Test Area
The full shield on the HV6X model restricts access during test execution, protecting the user from moving parts. It is the ideal solution for open access workplaces, where many testing instruments are simultaneously in use and a risk of test interruption exists.

Secured Test Access
Bluehill HV Software secures the test methods, preventing inadvertent changes, to ensure repeatability and standards compliance, over multiple shifts and numerous operators. The software suite allows for creation of specific user profiles based on the operator's level of expertise.

Maximum Temperature Control
The HV Series has a built-in temperature control system which limits the maximum temperature allowed for the oil bath. This helps conform to the specifications of each oil type, and prevents improper temperature settings that can generate dangerous fumes and inaccurate test results.

Effective Training Program
Instron engineers offer comprehensive on-site training courses to minimize operator's exposure to risk, improve efficiency, optimize the system's capabilities and to support the laboratory's health and safety policies to enhance the ownership experience.

Fast and Effortless Test Set Up

HV Series Models

HDT Test : ISO 75, ASTM D648 | VicatTest: ISO 306, ASTM D1525

HV3S Video
HV6M Video
HV6X Video
Station modularity (includes two)
Up to six stations can be added based on the model.
Temperature probe each station
Automatic stations movement

Automatic weights application

Resolution 0.001mm/0.00004in
LVDT stroke 15 mm
Touch screen interface
Methods and Results stored
Data Export (LAN or USB)
Full enclosure

Software control
Oil level control
Oil degradation control
Oil type control
Programmed maintenance warning

HV3S Video
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the HV3S video
HV6M Video
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HV6X Video
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