Self Tightening Thin Film Grips

The self-tightening grips are primarily designed for the precision testing of elastomeric and other flexible materials exhibiting a large reduction in cross-section area under load. They provide excellent testing accuracy, positive non-slip gripping action and are quick and simple to use.

The upper grip is counter balanced so that the specimen can be aligned with the load cell to eliminate non-axial forces.

2713 Series Self-Tightening Thin Film Grips

Principle Of Operation

The self tightening grip uses a serrated eccentric roller type clamping action. The one lever, fast action reduces the time required to load specimens. Specimen insertion is extremely easy and the spring pressures of the roller bracket giving a positive non-slip action gripping force.

This is sufficient to hold the material until a load is applied. The follow up action of the roller while under test prevents the specimen from creeping out of the grip as the load creases.

Application Range

  • Type of loading: tensile, static, tension cyclic tests. Not suitable for high cycle fatigue tests. 
  • Specimen material: thin sheets, films, flexible plastic and elastomers. 
  • Specimen shapes: flat specimen with or without shoulder tab ends.
Item Name Capacity Upper Fitting Cat #
Self Tightening Roller Grips 5 kN 1,125 lbf 1/2 in Clevis Pin (Type Dm) 2713-002
Self Tightening Roller Grips 2 kN 450 lbf 6 mm Clevis Pin (Type Om) 2713-004
Self Tightening Roller Grips 1 kN 200 lbf 6 mm Clevis Pin Type Om 2713-007
Thin Film Grips (25 mm Specimen Width) 0.100 kN 22 lbf Tabbed End 2713-006