ISO 17025 Calibration

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  • 9/26/2019
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ITW India Private Limited QMS

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  • 9/26/2019
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Software Add-On Limits Specimen Self-Heating

Maintaining specimen temperature within polymers and composites can save time, cost, and energy in the QC test lab, as well as in the development and optimization of composite formulations.

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  • 9/25/2013
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MT MicroTorsion Series Medium Capacity Torsion Testing Systems

Instron medium-capacity MT MicroTorsion systems are available in capacities ranging from 565 to 5,650 N-m (5,000 to 50,000 lb-in).

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  • 9/22/2020
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2713 Self Tightening Roller Grips

The self-tightening grips are primarily designed for the precision testing of elastomeric and other flexible materials exhibiting a large reduction in cross-section area under load. They provide excellent testing accuracy, positive non-slip gripping action and are quick and simple-to-use. The upper grip is counter balanced so that the specimen can be aligned with the load cell to eliminate non-axial forces.

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  • 9/22/2017
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CEAST SmartRHEO Series: Capillary Rheometer Systems

Thermoplastic materials are processed as fluids under the effect of temperature and pressure. The ability of plastics to be formed into a wide variety of shapes, by the common plastics conversion processes, has a fundamental importance in polymer science and application. The innovative Instron® line of CEAST SmartRHEO Series of Capillary Rheometer systems are designed for an accurate investigation of the rheological properties of polymeric materials.

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  • 9/22/2014
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