10N Wire Pull Hook Fixture

Catalog Number 2860-001

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  • 4/6/2021
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BioPuls Submersible Pneumatics Grips and Temperature-Controlled Bath

The BioPuls submersible pneumatic side action grips and temperature-controlled bath with pneumatic lifting and lowering mechanism is the ideal testing solution for a wide variety of biomedical testing applications.

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  • 11/9/2017
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2810 Series Flexure Fixture

The Instron® 2810 Series Flexure Fixture allows a variety of flexural and fracture toughness bond tests to be performed, including determination of flexural modulus, flexural strength, and flexural yield strength.

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  • 6/19/2013
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MicroTorsion Series: Low-Capacity Torsion Testing Systems

The preferred solution for low-force torsion testing and component in-service simulation, the MT MicroTorsion systems are available in two standard models with force capacities up to 225 N-m (2,000 lbf-in). The compact design requires minimal lab space and offers superior frame stiffness and alignment. Packaged with Instron high-performance control electronics, the MT Series provides highly accurate test data and control for testing a product portfolio that includes wire, fasteners, switches, and springs used in the biomedical, automotive, and aerospace industries. The system includes an integrated guard and safety control system that meets the stringent requirements for the European CE mark.

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  • 6/12/2013
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2714 Series Pneumatic Cord and Yarn Grips (2714-031)

Catalog Number 2714-031 Rated capacity 50 kN (5 kgf, 11 lbf) Suitable for a wide range of linear densities (denier and tex)

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  • 6/11/2013
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2630 Series Strain Gauge Extensometers

The 2630-100 series of extensometers offers speed of attachment and ease-of-use. The light-weight, rugged cross-brace design eliminates errors caused by physical distortion, while built-in protection ensures that damage is not caused by over-extension. The low operating-force arms of the extensometer reduce the possibility of knife-edge slippage when testing hard or smooth surfaced materials.

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  • 6/3/2013
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