WaveMatrix 2 on an Instron Servohydraulic System

Celebrating the 50th Release of Instron’s Fatigue Testing Software with All-New Functionality
Available Now for New and Existing Instron Test Systems

Why WaveMatrix 2?

First introduced in 2007, the WaveMatrix platform has consistently evolved to meet the needs of our customers and their applications. Through regular releases and updates, there have been hundreds of small enhancements and improvements over the years. However, after 10 years and reaching a milestone 50th release, we wanted to celebrate with more than just an evolution and add some revolutionary new features.

WaveMatrix was originally built on three key principles and has since become renowned for its intuitive user experience.

Sequence Editor

Easy to Use

The most significant improvement over existing tools was the way that the test sequence is visualized. Users were able to understand their methods at a glance instead of reading tables of commands or using overwhelmingly complex multi-axis software for material testing.

Intelligent Data Tools

Maximum data acquisition provides the best possible peak accuracy, but these high data rates are not needed to record every single point throughout a fatigue test. WaveMatrix introduced configurable tools for intelligently recording and optimizing data and made it easy for users to view, store and access the results they need.

Intelligent Data Tools
Example Methods Animation

Real-Time Visualization

Whether you simply want to monitor peak stress, plot hysteresis loops or understand complex and changing material properties, the WaveMatrix platform provided the ultimate flexibility in real-time visualization of data. Driven by smart data acquisition and enhanced by the use of calculated virtual channels, this remains one of the most powerful tools for gaining insight into the fatigue behavior of your products and materials.

Introducing All New Functionality For WaveMatrix 2.
A Step Change for Your Users and Your Laboratory.


QuickTest in Numbers

It is widely accepted that WaveMatrix has significant usability advantages over more complicated solutions offered by other suppliers. So why does Instron continue to focus on usability? In reality, the bar set by the material testing industry is fairly low and while many customers and suppliers have learned to accept complexity, steep learning curves and lengthy training periods - Instron have certainly not.

A universal system that can be configured for almost any test will have extensive functionality that is simply not needed for the majority of applications. For even a simple test there can be countless configuration steps and sequences to remember. Each of these setup steps is, in reality, something for users to learn, something to forget and a source of variance between operators. 

QuickTest is automated test setup for common applications which takes care of everything, from machine control to graphs and data recording. No shortcuts - high-quality test methods automatically prepared for you with just a few simple inputs.

Start Common Tests in 4 Easy Steps

1. Select Method Type

Select one of three common test types: Static Ramp, Gripped Fatigue or Compressive Fatigue.

2. Specimen Details

Input specimen details to add Stress Control to your test and record Stress Data.

3. Define your Test

Simply choose your maximum and minimum targets, test frequency and number of cycles.

4. Straight to Test

Expert methods are set up automatically, and you are ready to test with a single click.

Quick Test Steps Animation
WaveMatrix 2 Tutorials F1

Help At Your Fingertips

Just press “F1” anywhere in the software to be instantly taken to relevant, context-specific help pages developed over the last 15 years by experts. Help files include technical drawings to explain both simple and complex material testing concepts and software features.

New Video Content

WaveMatrix 2 adds a wide variety of new Tutorial Videos to the support resources. More than just WaveMatrix - there are also videos that cover machine setup, tuning and console training. Learn the basics and improve your every day use of the machine by learning about the small things that make a big difference. Furthermore, find out more about what is possible with advanced techniques like frequency sweep and advanced control. Search the video library using keywords to find relevant tutorials.

WaveMatrix 2 Tutorials List
WaveMatrix 2 Tutorials Video Preview

Easy to Access & Update

The content is installed directly to the PC, and no internet connection is required at any point. It is intentionally designed so that you can easily update your media library as new content becomes available, without changing software versions, removing the need to revalidate software in controlled laboratories.

WaveMatrix 2 Example Methods List

Unlock the True Potential of Your Test System

Most customers recognize that they only use a small fraction of their system's functionality. The main reason they have never done more than just a simple cyclic test is because they don't have the time to learn about what is really possible. WaveMatrix 2 unlocks new capability by providing a comprehensive Example Method library.

Review and Edit Example Methods

You can view and edit each Example Method in the library. See first hand how methods are set up to demonstrate a wide variety of software features. Either go straight to test to see them in action or modify and save the method to meet your specific testing needs.

WaveMatrix 2 Example Methods Review and Edit
WaveMatrix 2 Example Methods Ready to Run

Ready to Run On Your System

All Example Methods are optimized to run on your system without requiring special fixtures. Most tests can be run without a specimen and require no setup to show the capability of the software and your test system. Try something new, enhance your capability, and unlock more insightful data from your material testing.