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Tensile Testing Gray Iron Castings (ASTM A48)

When tensile testing gray iron castings specified by ASTM A48, most customers use machined specimens.  These specimens are often referred to as a "dumbbell", "dogbone" or "button-end" specimens.  They have shouldered ends that are used for gripping the specimen during testing. 
When tensile testing Type A, B or C gray iron specimens (according to ASTM A48), we recommend using a SATEC™ Series 300LX load frame with split sleeve shouldered end specimen holders.  These tensile grips were designed specifically for testing gray iron specimens and attach to the test frame with our Universal Spherical Tension Adapters (USTA).  The USTA adapters provide the specimen alignment required by ASTM E8.
The single test space and dual acting actuator of the 300LX make it easy for operators to install the specimens.  The split sleeve shouldered end specimen holders allow for very quick changing of test specimens.  They also contain the ends of the broken specimen during failure providing an extra level of operator safety.  The USTA assemblies enable the specimen to self-align during loading - easily meeting the alignment requirements of ASTM E8.
A variety of Instron extensometers can be supplied to accurately measure strain. Both Partner™ and bluehill-3 materials testing software provide all the necessary control parameters and calculation algorithms to satisfy the requirments of ASTM A48 and ASTM E8 test standards.

About This Solution

Related Standards: ASTM E8 | ASTM A48
Specimen Type: Round | Dumbbell | Dog Bone
Materials: Metals
Type of Test: Tension (What is a Tension Test?)
Business Sector: N/A

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