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Bluehill® Materials Testing Software for Universal Testing Systems

Experience Flexibility in Your Testing

  • Select from tension, compression, flexural, peel, tear, friction, stress relaxation, and creep test types
  • Get results from a complete calculations library that includes customizable user calculations
  • Automate processes with Advanced Programming Interface (API)

Increase the Efficiency of Your Operators

  • Use choice inputs to automatically link individual specimens with multiple required input values, such as dimensions and test rate
  • Get instant feedback with pass/fail results
  • Customize 2 soft keys available for frequently used functions
  • Utilize an Automatic Specimen Measuring Device (ASMD) to transfer specimen measurements directly into the software
  • Automatically generate and distribute reports when the test is complete via email

Improve the Accuracy of Your Results

  • Use prompted test methods (with or without audio, pictures, or video) to guide the operator through all test procedures
  • Enable three-levels of security with user names, passwords, and individual permissions
  • Electronic help and reference guide that includes step-by-step procedures for commonly performed actions

Create a Professional Appearance

  • Generate customized report templates that include multiple graphs, report tables, photos, logo, test date, time stamp, and more
  • Export reports via save, email, or print in choice of format: Microsoft®, Word, PDF, or HTML
  • Copy and paste graph or results directly from the test UI for immediate results into other Microsoft products for quick presentations and sharing of results
  • Customize the test UI for layout of graphs, results, live displays, test inputs, raw data viewing, and optional TestCam

Computer requirements for Bluehill

Bluehill 2 home screen

Create or edit a test method using the left navigation
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