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5940 Series Single Column Tabletop Systems for Low-Force Universal Testing


5940 Single Column Tabletop Testing Systems are universal, static testing systems that perform tensile and compression testing; and also perform shear, flexure, peel, tear, cyclic, and bend tests. The 5900 Series are engineered for precision, built for durability, and offer the flexibility for changing requirements.They are designed with standard and optional features that increase testing efficiency and improve the testing experience for the operator. Single column frames are commonly used for medical devices and biomaterials, textiles, elastomers, food, small components and microelectronics, wire, paper, and plastic film.

Two key advantages of 5940 single column systems are their small footprint and frame stiffness. The small footprint of the 5942, 5943, and 5944 saves valuable laboratory space, which is an important consideration when purchasing a testing instrument. The superior stiffness and alignment of the 5900 load frames ensures precise alignment when testing everything from biomaterials to wire or plastic film. The rigid mechanical design guarantees the best possible conditions for repeatable test conditions and reliable results.


  • Load measurement accuracy: +/- 0.5% of reading down to 1/1000 of load cell capacity option (2580 Series load cells)
  • Up to 2.5 kHz data acquisition rate option simultaneous on load, extension, and strain channels
  • Speed range of 0.05 - 2500 mm/min (0.002 - 100 in/min)
  • Customizable Control Panel
  • Compatible with Bluehill® Software
  • Automatic transducer recognition for load cells and extensometers
  • Small footprint saves space
  • Thousands of optional grips and fixtures
  • Full CE compliance

    Range of Models

    • 0.5 kN (112 lbf) capacity
    • 726 mm (28.6 in) vertical test space*

    • 1 kN (225 lbf) capacity
    • 1123 mm (44.2 in) vertical test space*

    • 2 kN (450 lbf) capacity
    • 1123 mm (44.2 in) vertical test space*

    *Total vertical test space is the distance from the top surface of the base platen to the bottom surface of the moving crosshead, excluding load cell, grips, and fixtures.

    Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Model 5942 and Model 5944 Tabletop Testing Systems

    Model 5942 Tabletop Testing System
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