Mechanical Testing Machines for Medical Devices and Biomaterials

Tensile, Compression and Flexure Testing

Instron has a range of different mechanical testing instruments capable of tensile, compression and flexural testing of medical devices and biomaterials, that are compatible with Bluehill™ software. Here are a selection of suitable systems.

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ElectroPuls™ Test Instruments


ElectroPuls systems use linear motor technology to offer slow-speed static testing and high-frequency dynamic fatigue testing with hundreds of Hertz capability. With models up to 10 kN and a linear-torsion variant, ElectroPuls systems are dynamic testing machines that do not have the environmental impact of conventional servohydraulic technologies.

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MT MicroTorsion Testers

micro torsion

The MT MicroTorsion tabletop testers are based on a dual linear-slide design offering high-torsional stiffness and low-axial friction.

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