Medical Consumables and Equipment

Regulatory agencies worldwide have set stringent performance standards for nearly every category of medical device. Today, bringing a new medical device to market requires in-depth knowledge of all of its characteristics, from properties of the raw materials to long-term performance under what can be complex service conditions. The medical device testing required to meet the wide variety of standards spans nearly every type of mechanical test including tension, compression, impact, fatigue, and hardness. For single-use products, testing is particularly important during material selection to maximize the trade-off between performance and cost. There are a wide variety of applications, including needles, syringes, tubing, and packaging.

Syringes and Needles

Medical Packaging

Medical Tubing


Other medical device testing equipment solutions are available, including use of standard test system with universial fixtures, such as an XY Stage or a Tapped Plate. The latest equipment for testing of medical devices includes the BioBox, a 37 °C chamber for simulating body temperature, and the BioCoat, a liquid-resistant cover for a single-column testing machine.

Testing systems that can be used for implantable medical devices include the 3340 and 3360 Series, 5940 and 5960 Series and ElectroPuls™ dynamic test instruments. Other testing systems such as torsion, multi-axial and impact can also be used.

Machines for Medical Device & Biomaterials testing


Instron has a varied portfolio of machines for testing of medical devices and biomaterials in tension, compression, bend, shear, peel, tear, cyclic and fatigue.

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BioBox - Testing Medical Devices at Body Temperature


The lnstron® BioBox is a temperature chamber that meets the growing trend of testing actual medical devices and biomaterials at a body temperature of 37° С.

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BioCoat - Liquid Resistant Cover for Medical Device Testing


The BioCoat is a protective polyurethane cover designed to protect the electronics on 5940 single-column testing systems when used with fluid baths.

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