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Instron® Training Center is now offering eLearning courses.  

Our eLearning courses are specifically tailored for operators and managers who want to view a shorter version of the live classroom sessions. These courses are condensed versions that cover basic testing and can be taken at your own pace.

Available Courses

Basic Introduction to Materials Testing Course

Basic Introduction to Materials Testing: Static

  • History of Static Material Testing
  • Stress and Strain Defined and Explained
  • Different Test Types Described
  • Calculations and Results for Materials Testing
  • Grips and Fixtures Overview
  • Measurement Practices and Approaches
  • Good Testing Practices

Errors in Your Data Course

Errors in Your Data

  • Physical Measurements
    (Load Cells/Extensometers/etc.)
  • Testing Fixtures
    (Tensile Grips/Compression Platens/Adapters/etc.)
  • Misalignment (Both Specimen and System)
  • Incorrect Applications
  • Software Method Development
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Poor Machine Testing Control
  • Agents External to the Testing System (Vibration)
  • Common Operator Missteps