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Let's Get Smart about Safe Testing

Eight tips for safe testing with Instron universal testing machines.

ASTM D638 - The Definitive Guide to Plastic Tensile Testing

ASTM D638 is a common tensile test method for plastics. This guide will introduce you to the basic elements of ASTM D638 testing, including the equipment, software, and samples needed.

Realtest Case Study

Realtest uses Instron machines and software to develop customized concepts in the area of experimental durability testing to characterize the service live of a component.

Bluehill Universal Enhanced Security Webinar

Join us on December 13th for a webinar about Bluehill Universal's latest software updates, including security feature enhancements.

ASTM D412: The Definitive Guide to Elastomer Tensile Testing

This guide provides expert insight into ASTM D412 tensile testing for elastomers and rubber – including an overview of the tensile testing equipment, software, and samples needed.

Instron Launches New Online Training Course "Errors in Your Data"

Instron launches new online training course designed to help operators of materials testing systems troubleshoot any data integrity issues they may encounter during testing.