Case Studies

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Mechanical testing tissue microstructure is becoming an increasingly active area of research, especially in oncology. It has been shown that changes in this microenvironment are key in cancerous growth, namely an increased tissue stiffness. External mechanical forces can directly influence cell signaling regulating and influencing growth. Investigating the mechanical properties of the microenvironment is, therefore, key to creating a biomechanical model of tumor growth.
Learn how the ElectroPuls helped to achieve this.


One of the challenges the bioMMeda lab - focused on biofluid, tissue, and solid mechanics for medical applications - faces is the need for flexible testing equipment that enables a multitude of tests in order to validate model simulations. The testing lab requires testing specimens in unique positions and orientations, in addition to testing at non-ambient temperatures and in fluid baths to simulate conditions in the human body. Learn how they overcame these challenges.

Samyang Biopharm
With an increasing demand from customers and new regulatory requirements that spanned across the globe, Samyang Biopharm needed an automated solution to remove the external factors that no longer suited their needs as a lab. See the changes they made with automation.

University of Ghent

The lab's need was for evaluation testing of key biomedical components for industrial customers, in ways that were as close to real-life usage as possible. Critical to this was making sure that they could meet the industry's needs for dynamic testing in a variety of fields. See the outcome.

Tubular Services, LLC

As the leader in processing tubing and casings, Tubular Services, LLC saw an opportunity to expand their business when demand increased for OCTG to support the expansion in non-traditional drilling to serve the energy market. Read about their opportunity.

Wentworth Institute of Technology

To equip their students with the necessary experience for future success, Wentworth Institute of Technology had a vision to transform their lab into an advanced learning environment with the latest and most innovative technologies available. Read about their transformation


With growing test requirements in terms of both quantity and complexity, it soon became clear to Synoste that to be successful the only solution was to own their test resources by bringing their testing in-house with their own equipment. See the outcome


Driven by the need to perform excellent research to develop new test methodologies specifically for thermoplastic composites, TPRC began to research equipment that matched the type of testing they were performing: state of the art. See what their research showed them

Polyset was faced with producing dozens of more products, while still meeting the expectations of their customers. See how Instron helped


To be the partner needed to research and resolve advanced manufacturing problems for their customers, AMRC realized they needed to expand their testing capabilities. Read more about how they accomplished this

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As a company that serves a multitude of customers, PRA started to experience an increase in their workload. Although this is what every company strives for, they found themselves under distress as their testing system, stopped working. Find out how PRA overcame their challenge

WhiteHouse Labs

Whitehouse Laboratories started to look for a partner—not only a materials testing supplier, but one that was willing to work with them and to help educate them as they were going into an new world of testing. Read how Instron stepped in


Due to outdated testing systems that were no longer supported by the manufacturer, ANH Refractories began experiencing issues with component replacement and producing less-than-effective testing processes within the labs. See the solution they chose

Naton Medical

To adhere to the proper ASTM and ISO standards required for their industry, Naton Medical Group needed a solution that guaranteed their results and reduced the amount of product discarded during testing. Read more about their journey