2601 Series LVDT Deflection Sensors

The 2601 series Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) displacement transducers are measuring devices that measure the displacement of the load frames of materials testing systems. They feature an LVDT as the active element, and are designed for use on both electromechanical and hydraulic Instron® testing systems.

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  • 2/15/2017
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Specimen Preparation Notching, Punching, and Milling Machines

Proper preparation of the specimen is a critical process for accurate material characterization. An appropriate preparation of the specimen; as well as an adequate notching procedure affect the final test results; generating reliable outcomes in the finish product performances. This is accomplished by several specimen preparation techniques; making them particularly suitable to select the most appropriate material and failure results analysis. According to the requirements of the main international standards; Instron® offers an extensive range of notching; milling; and punching machines designed to prepare specimens from thin to thick samples; as well as from soft to hard and reinforced plastic materials.

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  • 2/10/2017
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CEAST SmartRHEO Series: Capillary Rheometer Systems

Short description of the innovative Instron® line of CEAST SmartRHEO Series of Capillary Rheometer systems for an accurate investigation of the rheological properties of polymeric materials.

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  • 1/26/2017
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Instron Scope of Accreditation

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  • 1/25/2017
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Industrial Series HVL Models

Featuring a dual test space and long test stroke, HVL Models are designed for high capacity tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing.

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  • 1/20/2017
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Industrial Series KPX Models

Industrial Series KPX Models are designed for high-capacity tension, compression, bend/flex, and shear testing. Featuring an ultra-large single test space and adjustable crosshead options, these frames deliver exceptional flexibility for a wide range of testing applications and are available in capacities ranging from 600 kN (135,000 lbf) to 3,500 kN (800,000 lbf).

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  • 1/20/2017
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